Welcome to CCB's online clubhouse 

Club news (7-22-2018):

  • There are now Eight Broadhead 3D targets to use.  (Course Map)
  • The rest of the course is open but targets 15 through 30 do not have yardage markers 


About CCB

  • For over half a century CCB members have taught, enjoyed, and promoted recreational, competitive, and hunting bow sports for people of all ages and skill levels.
  • Everyone is welcome at our public events/shoots. 
  • Our club's facilities are outstanding:
  • Our practice range has 14 target butts out to 80 yards.
  • We maintain a beautiful and challenging walk-thru course.
  • Ten to fourteen 3-D animals on individual trails let you practice your hunting skills with broadheads or field points.
  • Our cozy clubhouse is a great place to warm up by the fire (or cool down in breezes rising from Black River) and swap stories.
  • Our range, courses, and trails are part of Capitol City Rifle and Pistol Club's wildlife and nature refuge, so recreational and creature-watching activities abound.
  • Learn about membership today!
  •  Our club is affiliated with the Washington State Archery Association (WSAA), National Field Archery Association (NFAA), and the National Archery in the Schools program


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